ServiceNow eBonding Integration Enables Modern Support Ops

In a fast changing business world, the key to happy customers is a proactive resolution of issues. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) ebonding Integration your customers get more and more demanding, and you need to leverage technology to provide solutions that meet your customers’ requirements.

Today, a typical enterprise uses multiple applications to manage their various support processes. The central platform for providing modern customer support is ServiceNow. To provide exquisite customer service, your client’s backend applications need to be deeply integrated with ServiceNow. This integration should be automated, and be able to scale as your client’s business grows. One solution to integrate applications in this way is eBonding.

What is eBonding

eBonding Integration, or electronic bonding, refers to a B2B software integration methodology that automates the data exchange between two business applications. Changes in transactional data in System A are reflected in System B, in effect “bonding” the two sets of data in order to deliver an end-to-end software-based business process.


Fig: Basic Architecture of eBonding

eBonding can help to:

Increase your company’s operational efficiency
Improve internal user effectiveness
Enhance your customer experience by implementing your own web services gateway

The challenges with eBonding

eBonding ServiceNow with various support applications can be a tricky process. It requires you to correlate ticket IDs across both systems, match State Fields, Trigger Fields, and Reference Fields of tickets. And finally, ensure there are no data conflicts between the two systems.

Further, the eBonding integration needs to be automated so that it’s not prone to manual error, and the systems can scale as the business grows. At the enterprise level, this integration can become an uphill task. You need a platform that can handle eBonding integrations with automated rules and easy customization.

SynQ: The Enterprise eBonding tool for ServiceNow

SynQ is an integration tool that allows bi-directional MSP eBonding Integration sync between ServiceNow and any other cloud or on-premise application. Based on Informatica Cloud, the point-and-click interface can map source and target object fields easily and schedule both real-time and batch integration processes.

With the help of SynQ, you, as an MSP service can provide state-of-the-art eBonding services for your enterprise clients. They can easily eBond their various applications with ServiceNow and get their customers on boarded quickly. SynQ also helps in scaling up by automating the process of eBonding for critical support processes like order processing, and trouble shooting.

eBonding your support applications with ServiceNow is the next step towards delivering customer experiences that are delightful and memorable. And SynQ is making this complex process very accessible to you and your clients.


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