SynQ ServiceNow Integration Platform

As a ServiceNow customer, if you don’t have a reliable and a scalable integration solution you can’t operate at scale. Your teams would operate in silos, your customer experiences would be compromised, and you would even lose data. In today’s data-driven world, this will cost you dearly.

You may be new to ServiceNow and need to integrate it with existing in-house systems. Or, you may be looking to expand the ServiceNow footprint within your organization and need to integrate ServiceNow with other existing or planned systems. If that’s you, SynQ is just the integration platform you’re looking for.

  • SynQ ServiceNow Integration Platform

    With 130+ connectors being available, you can connect ServiceNow to pretty much any application or data source. SynQ enables complete visibility of your business and customers.1234

  • Ensure high data quality

    Your organization’s performance depends on the quality of your data. With SynQ, you’ll never have to worry about duplicate data. Your data is always in sync.

  • Go live in days, not weeks

    SynQ takes the complexity out of data integration, and makes it easy for IT Admins to manage at every step. Pre-built templates for apps like Salesforce, Jira and allow you to go live in days, not weeks.

  • Powered by Informatica Cloud

    SynQ is based on the industry-leading data integration platform – Informatica Cloud. Your integration follows best practices by default, and you’re assured of rock solid reliability.

HowSynQ works

SynQ securely manages user metadata antd client data behind your firewall. It lets you set rules for mapping the flow of data between your applications and ServiceNow.
Here’s what the architecture of SynQ looks like:

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