Professional Services

SynQ Quick Start Integration Package

Includes up to 25 hours of assistance.
Setup, install, and configure SynQ ServiceNow Integration platform, connector and one pre-built connector.
Configure and map bi-directional source/target integration for one basic use case.
Typically completed within a few days.
Train the trainer on basic configuration and administration of the integration platform.
One time cost

ServiceNow Integration Services

Customer data, and team-specific data resides in multiple systems within your enterprise. To get the most out of ServiceNow, you need to integrate it with your other back-office systems. As your teams leverage ServiceNow, you need a way to integrate all your enterprise data so it’s usable, and consistent.

You can leverage our services to enjoy deeply customized integrations between ServiceNow and your other business systems. Whether it’s a traditional in-house application, or a modern cloud application, we can sync any data between your enterprise apps and ServiceNow.

Advantages of using our ServiceNow integration services:

See results in days, not weeks

Get customized integrations to suit your complex workflows

Follow industry best practices that scale with your business

Trusted by Large Enterprises