ServiceNow CMDB Integration

Configuration management database also called CMDB is a database that holds information about an organization’s IT components and how they relate to each other.ServiceNow CMDB Integration provides IT with a crystal clear view of all the configuration items they have. This enables IT to utilize all the component to their full extent and function at a higher level.

Why integrate CMDB and ServiceNow

A configuration management database contains information about any IT component: documentation, hardware, personnel or software. The CMDB enables IT to check, control and track the changes in configuration items across the board.

Integrating ServiceNow and other CMDB platforms like SolarWinds or Splunk enables IT to get a clear picture of all the components available at their disposal. Gaining access to information about every configuration component, enables IT to provide better infrastructure across the organization. IT is able to make better decisions and improve the performance of systems.

How to integrate CMDB with ServiceNow?

SynQ is a ServiceNow certified integration platform based on the industry-leading Informatica Cloud. It lets you setup a bi-directional sync between a CMDB tool like SolarWinds, Splunk and ServiceNow in days, not weeks.

Learn about ServiceNow CMDB integration using SynQ.


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