Jira Software and ServiceNow Integration

ServiceNow and Jira Software are two tools that are widely used in enterprises. ServiceNow provides ITSM for IT teams, enabling them to better manage service requests. Jira Software provides issue tracking and project management software teams. It helps teams collaborate when building an application, or providing tech support. The workflow of these two tools ServiceNow and Jira Software overlap, and integrating them will bring greater efficiencies.

Why integrate ServiceNow and Jira Software

Integrating these two tools will enable IT, and Development teams to be in sync with each other. After integrating, when IT creates an incident ticket in ServiceNow and it automatically creates a new issue within Jira. As the issue is worked on by the software team, the status and details are automatically pushed to ServiceNow. Similarly, comments and updates from the IT team are synced with Jira for the Software team to view in real-time. This brings deeper collaboration between IT and Dev, and enables the modern DevOps approach to software delivery.

How to integrate ServiceNow with Jira Software

SynQ is a ServiceNow certified integration platform based on the industry-leading Informatica Cloud. It lets you setup a bi-directional sync between ServiceNow and Jira Software in days, not weeks.

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