Oracle EBS and ServiceNow Integration

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is a collection of applications spanning CRM, ERP, HRMS, finance management, supply chain management, and other key functions that enterprises rely on. It can be used across all departments in an enterprise, or in just a few. As a modern service management system like ServiceNow gains prominence in enterprises, you may need to integrate Oracle EBS with ServiceNow to enable seamless operations across your enterprise. This can go a long way in making your organization more nimble, innovative, and ready for the digital transformation that’s underway.

Why integrate Oracle EBS and ServiceNow

You can choose to integrate ServiceNow with any of the modules of Oracle EBS. Here are some ways an integration between these two powerful platforms can transform your business:

Customer relationship management: Integrate Sales CRM with ServiceNow to eliminate bottlenecks in the sales process. As Sales gains visibility into service requests, they can close deals faster, and win additional revenue.

Service management: Strengthen EBS’ service management module with ServiceNow’s ITSM capabilities, and enhance the level of customer service your organization can provide.

Financial management: Automate tasks common to IT and Finance like procurement, financial data storage, and compliance management.

Human Capital Management: Integrating the EBS HR module with ServiceNow can transform HR operations by enabling HR to collaborate with other teams like IT, and automate common HR tasks like onboarding, offboarding, payroll, promotions, and transfers.

Project Portfolio Management: Enterprise projects span multiple teams including IT, Support, and Operations. Integrating EBS’ project management module with ServiceNow enables closer collaboration between the various teams working on any project.

Advanced Procurement: Optimize your procurement processes by integrating Oracle’s procurement module with the advanced automation and structured workflows of ServiceNow.

Supply Chain Management: Drive efficiency across your supply chain by integrating EBS’ supply chain module with ServiceNow.

Value Chain Planning: Go beyond supply chain management with Oracle EBS’s value chain planning modules. However, to make the most of this tool’s capabilities integrate it with ServiceNow for advanced automation.

Value Chain Execution: Track the implementation of your value chain planning and monitor every step of the process automatically by integrating Oracle EBS’s value chain execution modules with ServiceNow.

Any team in your enterprise that uses Oracle EBS can benefit from an integration with ServiceNow. An integration lets IT and other teams track the creation, progression, and resolution of service requests in real-time. It moves workflow away from email and into a structured, automated process. This brings improved collaboration across your enterprise, and drives greater efficiency across all teams in your enterprise.

How to integrate Oracle EBS with ServiceNow

SynQ is a ServiceNow certified integration platform based on the industry-leading Informatica Cloud. It lets you setup a bi-directional sync between the various modules of Oracle EBS and ServiceNow in days, not weeks. Unify your enterprise with SynQ.

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