SAP Solution Manager and ServiceNow Integration

SAP Solution Manager is an application lifecycle management (ALM) tool that used to build, test, document, and monitor software applications. It is used by development and IT teams to build and deliver both SAP and non-SAP applications. As ServiceNow brings modern ITSM benefits to ALM, integrating SAP Solution Manager and ServiceNow will yield closer collaboration and greater efficiencies across the software development lifecycle.

Why integrate SAP Solution Manager & ServiceNow

Once these two platforms are integrated, when an Incident is created in ServiceNow it automatically creates a Support Request in Solution Manager. The status of the request is reflected across both platforms in real-time. Not only this, change management for applications is managed in ServiceNow and executed in Solution Manager.

This separation of duties and syncing the request details allows you to get the most out of each platform. This integration enables closer collaboration between development and IT, facilitates faster development, and results in innovative and reliable applications.

How to integrate SAP Solution Manager with ServiceNow
SynQ is a ServiceNow certified integration platform based on the industry-leading Informatica Cloud. It lets you setup a bi-directional sync between SAP Solution Manager and ServiceNow in days, not weeks.

Learn more about integrating SAP Solution Manager and ServiceNow using SynQ. 

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