ServiceNow Incident Management Integration

Incident management is the process of restoring service after an outage occurs. With web and mobile apps, outages compromise user experience, and the time taken to restore service is key to success. Incident management involves not just one tool, but a suite of tools working together. These tools when integrated with ServiceNow give your IT teams the power they need to restore service after an incident.

Why integrate ServiceNow Incident Management Module

During an incident, your IT teams use multiple tools. Monitoring tools like New Relic, communication tools like Slack, and even specialized incident management tools like PagerDuty, Jira. ServiceNow has an incident management module, which is also very popular among IT teams. If all these systems are disconnected from each other, your IT team would waste precious minutes switching between apps to get the information they need, and take necessary action to restore service. During an incident every second counts. This is why you need to integrate all tools across your incident management process.

Integrating any of your incident management tools with ServiceNow is essential to give your IT teams end-to-end visibility of applications. It can give them alerts in real-time, let them identify the extent of outages, and perform effective root cause analysis. ServiceNow can act as the hub of your incident management process, bringing structure and automation that you can’t achieve by using any one of these other tools alone.

How to integrate ServiceNow Incident Management Module

SynQ is a ServiceNow certified integration platform based on the industry-leading Informatica Cloud. It lets you integrate any incident management tool with ServiceNow to enable a modern incident management process. SynQ performs this integration in days, not weeks.




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