ServiceNow Integrated Knowledge base

A knowledge base is an organization’s storage of articles that are provided for employees or customers to learn about the products, services, tools and processes the organization offers. The knowledge articles contain policies, release notes, and information that can function as a ‘how-to’ guide to bring consistency across teams. There are specialized knowledge base authoring tools, which are great for writing knowledge articles. However, they lack the KB management features of ServiceNow Knowledge Management. In this case you need a best-of-breed approach to use both ServiceNow and third-party authoring tools.

Why integrate Knowledge base tools and ServiceNow?

Users write, edit and publish knowledge articles across the organization through a knowledge base authoring tool like XMetal, Oxygen XML, and MadCap Flare. But these tools do not provide complete control over the articles once published. Similarly, ServiceNow Knowledge base Management has advanced features like a powerful search engine, social Q&A, and advanced analytics, but it isn’t the most mature platform for authoring.

Integrating knowledge base authoring tools with ServiceNow Knowledge Management enables an organization to gain the best of both worlds. You can leverage the advanced authoring capabilities of authoring tools, and are able to manage KB articles better with ServiceNow Knowledge Management.

How to integrate Knowledge base tools with ServiceNow?

SynQ is a ServiceNow certified integration platform based on the industry-leading Informatica Cloud. It lets you setup a bi-directional sync between knowledge base authoring tools and ServiceNow in days, not weeks.

Learn about integrating knowledge base authoring tools with ServiceNow using SynQ

Watch this video to learn more about integrated KB management:


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