Sharepoint and ServiceNow Integration

Sharepoint, at one point, was the fastest growing product from the stable of Microsoft. Its flexible framework made it a catch-all platform for IT teams, who were quick to use it for any and every process. Today, if some teams in your enterprise use Sharepoint and some use ServiceNow, it’s time to integrate the two platforms, and get more out of your investment in Sharepoint.

Why integrate Sharepoint and ServiceNow

Sharepoint has a lot of valuable information as your organization has used it over the years. It still is an integral part of many teams’ workflow. Document storage, intranet websites, data stores, and business intelligence – Sharepoint can do it all. However, Sharepoint isn’t good at structuring and automating workflows. ServiceNow has replaced it as the favorite tool of IT teams.

Integrating Sharepoint and ServiceNow makes all the rich historical data in Sharepoint accessible to ServiceNow. For example, you can integrate the ServiceNow Knowledge Management module with the articles stored in Sharepoint. This way, you can publish content from Sharepoint, and make it searchable and manageable using ServiceNow. This gives you Sharepoint’s strength in content publishing, and ServiceNow’s strength in powering a self-service portal.

How to integrate Sharepoint with ServiceNow

SynQ is a ServiceNow certified integration platform based on the industry-leading Informatica Cloud. It lets you setup a bi-directional sync between Sharepoint and ServiceNow in days, not weeks

Learn more about integrating Sharepoint and ServiceNow using SynQ.


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