Workday and ServiceNow Integration

Workday is the leading SaaS HR platform for enterprises today. It helps digitize, automate, and optimize HR processes from end to end. Since HR often works with IT, who use ServiceNow for service management, integrating these two platforms can go a long way in driving efficiency in people management.

Why integrate Workday and ServiceNow

When an employee joins the organization, HR begins the onboarding process. This process includes assigning a cubicle for the employee, setting up a computer and mobile phone, creating an official email account, and logins to access confidential company information such as the intranet site and shared storage. All these steps are executed by IT, and tracked by HR. Since many of these steps are repeated for all employees, they can easily be automated.

For example, once HR enters the vital details of the employee like name, title, team, etc, in Workday, an issue can be raised in ServiceNow automatically. IT gets notified of the new issue, and takes action. As the issue progresses, the status is synced from Workday to ServiceNow in real-time.

Similarly, during promotions, transfers, and offboarding of employees, HR can automatically create ServiceNow issues without having to fill in every field manually. This is a big time saver for HR, and gives HR visibility into the entire processes without having to learn how to use ServiceNow. It also gives IT, Finance and other teams more accurate information in real-time as they process requests from HR.

How to integrate Workday with ServiceNow

SynQ is a ServiceNow certified integration platform based on the industry-leading Informatica Cloud. It lets you setup a bi-directional sync between Workday and ServiceNow in days, not weeks

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